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This Little Piggy Went To Market

Today was a leap of faith, in a sense.

The one thing about being creative and doing "artsy things" that is scary....? Its the fear of criticism... the inner talk saying "Am I good enough?" "Are people going to like me?" "Can they see those flaws"? And every once in awhile hushing that self-doubt.

Doing what I love, for ME? Well, that's easy. After all, I am my own harshest critic. I can retreat to my "happy place, safe in my crafting attic, and quietly be the artistic introvert I am content to be. But to share it? With other people? well......that's a different story entirely! Putting your wares out on the street, under the scrutiny of public eyes is a little scary.

But today, I "hitched up my britches" (lol) and jumped in. I contacted Wendy; a wonderful and bright lady living on the way to lake country who has recently opened a market - selling fresh produce, fruit, homemade teas, jams and jellies, and locally-made art an…

Burning Love!

I must be crazy - that's what I keep telling myself.
Here I sit, another day up in my crafting studio (I just fancied it up for you.... its the attic) sweating like I just ran a marathon... AND I DON'T RUN.
I must REALLY love what I do. That, or I AM crazy. 
We are in a tornado warning to boot.... shouldn't I be cowering down in my basement, in the safety of its cool darkness, sneaking beer from my hubby's fridge in his man cave? 
Instead, I worked hard today, because I am sure I have bitten off more than I can chew. But I'm gonna chew it. I have found another outlet/market for my cards and in order to have stock, I have to work. So here I sat. Many glasses of cold water. And many trips to the bathroom.
I also worked on this card for the latest Can You Case It challenge ... and it WAS a challenge! You would think black and white plus another colour is easy, riiiight? Well...NO! I hated EVERY paper I had today. That's right. Every one. I couldn't find a thin…

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

They like me! They really like me!!
Thanks to Marisa - one of the Can You Case It Design Team Members for choosing my card for this weeks sketch challenge! I love when I can sit down and find time to create, and this is just the icing on the cake! I can't wait for this week's next challenge! Go check out the Can You Case It Challenge blog!
I'm Baaaaaack.....Drumroll......
Wow. I thought I had lost this place forever. It was only after a (much needed) and firm push from a fellow crafty friend to come back to this place. " You need to get on that, girl. Its the  only way we can get visibility." Thanks Andrea. I needed it. 
Where to begin.... maybe at the beginning?
I got a little lost, but I found  myself again, and wouldn't you know - it was in this familiar creative oasis that rescued me so long ago. 
I promise to do this:for me. What I cannot guarantee: that my filter remains clean (lol) 
I will not bore you with my mundane daily life. This space is a crafty, glittery, creative mecca. 
So, for you, Andrea - here I am. Feel free to kick my ass on occasion when I dog it. :)