The Dying Art of Human Connection and Random Kindness

In the 1st time in maybe what feels like forever - this is NOT a Design post here in my blog world.

I feel the need to say and do something important.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of work/life/chaos as I have been dealing with many levels of reality. Meaning: LIFE IS HAPPENING. It's been hitting me with several "WTF" moments at an alarming pace almost daily and I should be wearing a flack jacket for all the #*@* coming my way. My grandmother (Baba) has recently been hospitalized and has exceeded the level of care they can provide for her at the care home she was residing in. This next step of life (meaning = end of life) is one I have always been afraid of - and - I wish I could go back and be a little girl again. 

I just want to make pretty things - even if nobody cares. Even if they are more passionate about the whitening brightening power of their toothpaste. Or if they are in to binge-watching horrible drivel on Netflix for hours of their life. I just want people to do whatever makes them happy.

The sad truth is - lately this world has been more bent on showing how awful someone else is...than by shining their own light.

So I'm here to *@! shit up (as my hip kids would say!)

As a rebellious Random Act of Kindness - I am giving away a BRAND SPANKING NEW
May 2017 Kit of the month from Unity (which was sent to me by mistake)

And now - I want to give it to someone. Someone who really needs something to brighten their day -and I am TOTALLY paying the shipping so even if you live in some far away universe and really dig making crafty things - you defintiely  deserve to win this!
 SO here is the catch...

1. I want you to comment here so I know you read this entire post - and tell me I am not completely crazy for just wanting people to be a little kinder. We are all trying!

2.  Next - Make a card. Seriously. Make one. And send it to a friend. Hell, send it to an enemy. (but try to be nice, haha) You can even send it to a damn stranger by looking up a totally random name/address in a good old fashioned phone book (you may have to find one in a museum) I hope they don't call the police and have you committed.

Now I am not waiting forever to choose - so you literally have until Sunday June 4th at 9 AM CST to at least let me know you stopped by. Spread the random kindness on your own :)

Love, Peace n Ink

Amber xo


  1. Awesome giveaway! I love that you took a moment to stop, breathe, and share love through a handmade card. This speaks to me. Handmade gifts are so rare and special, they mean the world to me. As we grow older, we realize what really matter; friendships, relationships, and a meaningful beautiful life.
    Thanks so much for sharing this blog post. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Lovely post, Amber! I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. Some days I can't believe that I am aging and then I realize those people around me (like my parents) are aging too. Sometimes you just want to hang on, shake the snow globe and watch the same glitter settle one more time (kwim?). Now, I'm off to craft AND to send a card to someone...maybe you? ;)

  3. So sorry about your grandmother. Those times in life are so difficult. Your card is beautiful! I totally agree that we should all focus on making the world a better place in whatever small way we can. I'm off to finish a card for my brother who is having a difficult time right now - using one of those funny after dark stamps.

  4. Hi Amber,

    wow your life has been hard I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I love the card you made you coloured it perfectly... but what I love more is your generous and kind heart and trying to brighten someone else's day. ..

    look after yourself xx

  5. I am so sorry that you have going through difficult times. This is a wonderful thing you are doing. I will make a card to send to someone. I do that from time to time anyway. I am already a KOTM member and have this kit. I love the sentiment on the card! What kit is that from? I hope someone who really wants this kits gets it :)

  6. I love it! Kick the universe right back with kindness! And eff shit up! The more it's spread the better off we all are. So sorry about your grandma.

  7. Love your RAK.....encouraging others to do the same, trying to make the world a better and happier place to go girl!!!! Its like that old shampoo commercial....(she told 2 friends and so on and so on) Or the old camp song...It only takes a spark to keep a candle glowing....

  8. Bless you and your Baba Amber. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer and it has shaken my world, he has gone from a very active person to using a walker within a very short time. I send prayers and hugs to you and your Baba, Kindness everyday, I am with you on this! Making cards for me is therapy and the bonus is that I then get to send a smile out to someone with the card, I never thought of myself as an Artist, before cardmaking, and cardmaking has now opened up so much joy for me in the way of creativity and spreading kindness in my little way. Hugs and prayers, Debbie

  9. 1.The end of life stuff is hard, really really hard. And it suck to the biggest extreme there is. My mil is in a nursing home, she had my hubby when she was almost 40, she is now 89 but doesn't know who he or our kids are :-( It's terrible and he is broken-hearted over it. Our last visit (on Mother's Day) she had no clue who he was and basically just had to same convo with me over & over & over, she still knows my husband's older brother & dad so I guess that's good for them. Just really hard for us.
    2.I don't think you're crazy {for doing the givewaway}, I LOVE IT!!! In fact, I love it so much that if by some strange chance I do happen to win this amaz-balls kit from you, I have an older one that I would pay-it-forward with to some randomly selected person from a blog post I will do like yours! Shoot, I may just do that anyway to get it out of my craft room ;-) Keep the positivity flowing

  10. This is the best post I've read all week. I am so sorry about your Grandmother. I lost my much beloved Grammy years ago, but I still miss her. You are so not crazy for wanting to bring more light into the world. I applaud you for it. I sent a RAK card out yesterday, and you've inspired me to send another today. Take care of yourself and create something beautiful today!

  11. How kind of you to do this. I hope to be abler to make quite a few cards this weekend. I like to mass produce them and then do a mass mailing. This is so fun because there is no reason behind it except to brighten someone's day and we all need that.

  12. I totally agree Amber that we need more Random Acts of Kindness. I love to send cards to random people just to encourage them. My favorite us to send cards to the elderly as I feel they are forgotten as they age. It is so kind of you to share your extra KOM. I would love it and would definitely use it to inspire others. Keep shining your light! Pam Foy

  13. I totally agree Amber that we need more Random Acts of Kindness. I love to send cards to random people just to encourage them. My favorite us to send cards to the elderly as I feel they are forgotten as they age. It is so kind of you to share your extra KOM. I would love it and would definitely use it to inspire others. Keep shining your light! Pam Foy

  14. Amber that is so kind💜 I love unity kit of the month... couldnt justify the cost being Canadian. I will absolutely make a card to send to my friend in Germeny.


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