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I Found My Mojo

This is my FIRST Mojo Sketch that I have published . TFL!

Crafty me.

Well, here goes. After lurking around on other's blogs, seeing what I like, taking note of what I don't care for... I'm going to jump right in. I have been working on cards and scrapping for a few months. There are AMAZING artists out there! I only hope to become HALF that creative. I eventually want to link some of those artsy gals' blogs to mine.

First, about my life: I have 2 kids (mine)  and 2 dogs (ours). I live in a town of 400. I wear many hats.

 Oh, and I from time to time work in a small restaurant/espresso bar in our town. Small town living has its benefits, but there ARE days where I feel like I am in a fishbowl. A very small fishbowl.

To start out, here are a couple cards I recently did for a swap.... Feel free to comment/critique/rip me apart creatively. (no, I'm kidding, about the ripping part). :)