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Mamas, and Babies Oh My!

This week I have really been focusing on Mothers Day cards as I have been trying to get my supply up... there's ALOTTA mamas out there worthy of a homemade card! I have a new Facebook page called Forever Amber's Art that I am trying to get more followers to check out... so I will be posting those treasures there!

But I had something pretty exciting happen...
my little friend Kyllie became a mama this past weekend! ( I say little friend because, she is quite a bit younger than this old mama... but..she's an old soul!) I haven't been this excited about a baby since my grandson arrived almost a year ago! (his big 1st birthday is coming soon! I can't wait!)

So I had to wait for baby's arrival for the big gender reveal - they never did find out... so we are happy to say... ITS A GIRL! YAY!!

I had to make a card especially for little Brinley... not any card will do...  and I lucked out and found some awesome supplies - which HAPPENED to coincide with a couple challen…


..... adieu...
Well... to the Stampin Up! catalog that is!

Retired List....GO HERE!!

 In just over a month, customers will be able to finally see the new catalog. As a demo I got a sneak peek at it today! And I have to say..WOW!

That's really all I CAN say. Because, well...... its the rules!

However... I CAN give you a little sneak peek of what the new colour palette is.... !

I can't wait to show you more in June!

Fastest Challenge in the...North?

This didn't feel like a challenge at all! This was FUN!
I needed a quick and easy birthday card for someone today who has a fantastic sense of humour! And I saw this wonderful sketch from the folks over at Stamp, Ink, Paper so I decided to play along!

I used the Unity stamp set Old Bag - I just thought it was perfect. This was as clean & simple as you can get... I literally grabbed a scrap of kraft paper, misc. teal blue card stock, and a strip of patterned paper and that's it! I wanted to add a bit of shine to that "old bag" so I grabbed a vellum marker and dabbed a bit here and there and added some clear embossing powder. A couple staples...a little clothespin, and VOILA!

Change, is a good thing - right?!

So.... Stampin Up! is one of my main go-to companies for supplies.... they are VERY huge in the industry in terms of innovation, and with Sarah Douglas at the helm as CEO (replacing her mom) there are major changes coming. With the new catalog coming out in a month (June for non-demos) the Canadian prices are going up for almost everything (no surprise there.... just go to Micheals and see how much a sheet of paper costs you) so it will be interesting to see what new things are in store for us!
Another announcement? Weekly Deals are leaving! This is the last week to get your hands on some discounted supplies!

see the last Weekly Deals Here!

 And... here is a sneak peek of a new catty item - this is from a card kit called "Oh Happy Day"!

Super cute, hey????

Spring....Where Art Thou?

With this last week being an emotional roller coaster, I had a hard time finding my creative mojo. I forced myself up to the studio today, only out of guilt because I have multiple vendors waiting for me and I needed to get back on that horse so to speak. I am not going to lie-Pinterest has been the only thing inspiring me lately... and these creations were CAS'ed from ideas I found there.

A Lifetime

Nine years is a lifetime.

Nine years of waking up because someone depends on you. Someone is waiting for you, and needs you.
Nine years with the same routine... the same day to day order and structure.

Today was different.

There was no low beating of your tail against the leather furniture at 5am.

There was no "yoga stretch", as you yawned and greeted me to let you out to survey your yard, and neighbourhood. No whimpering at the door to let you in once you realized we were all safe. No rush for the warm spot on the couch.

I didn't have to feed you this morning, and coax you to eat with a warning of "You better eat it...!" like every morning since your partner left.

I didn't have you following me through the kitchen, begging for the leftover popcorn from last night's snack - a sad snack in itself, as you were not there to share it with.

All of these things I didn't really take for granted, and yet - I just expected there would always be more. More th…