And So It Begins

Hello. I don't know how to begin, so I will start with what I know about myself. I am 35. Mom to 2. Step-mom to 2. A future wife. A believer in God....destiny... karma... re-incarnation... and fate.

I don't smoke. I love being at home, and cooking, and taking care of the people that matter to me. Sometimes, I can be crabby....opinionated....brutally honest...slightly dishonest....emotional....over-emotional....and sometimes I am all of these things at once.

I've recently begun to scrapbook and make cards, and I like to think that for a beginner, I'm pretty good at it. I thought that maybe this would be my one selfish gift to myself, after everyone else is fed, watered, washed, and taken care of.

Eventually, I would like to post my images of my creative handi-work, so...for now...that's all.


  1. Hello there.... your cards are lovely... and i admire your honesty. I Have watched other peoples blogs for ages and like you have just taken the plunge and started my own this week. I hope we both have lots of fun.... good luck and enjoy yourself. I have become your 1st follower!!!! love blackdragon xxx lynx


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