I'm Baaaaaack.....


Wow. I thought I had lost this place forever. It was only after a (much needed) and firm push from a fellow crafty friend to come back to this place. " You need to get on that, girl. Its the  only way we can get visibility."
Thanks Andrea. I needed it. 

Where to begin.... maybe at the beginning?

I got a little lost, but I found  myself again, and wouldn't you know - it was in this familiar creative oasis that rescued me so long ago. 

I promise to do this:for me. What I cannot guarantee: that my filter remains clean (lol) 

I will not bore you with my mundane daily life. This space is a crafty, glittery, creative mecca. 

So, for you, Andrea - here I am. Feel free to kick my ass on occasion when I dog it. :)


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