Monday! Ugh!

Mothers Day is over, and honestly, its a lot of hype for just another day.
Do I sound bitter? Hmmm. Sorry.
It's not my intention at all. I have great mom and I have had wonderful role models in the mothering department. I am a mom, and a grandma (eek!) but I almost can't help but feel a bit meloncholy for the women out there who are alone or have a sense of dread about this day, year after year. I think it should be more about celebrating ALL PROTECTORS, NURTURERS, and people who make the world a little better, a little brighter. !!!

I made Mothers Day cards and now that its over I can share a few pics of some of those creations!
This one was for Darcy's mom - she is celiac. hahaha

Jehlin's first Mother's Day - so this card was pretty special!

And I made a few cards for special order for someone with a killer sense of humour for all the women in her life...... One the outside it was sweet and innocent...... 
 ....but then........
Admit it. You laughed a little. 

I was spoiled in my own special ways little things.... Darcy surprised me and took some old barn wood and created a table-top display and some boxes for my cards for upcoming trade shows.

 I was pretty proud of him!

We  got a TON of yard work done..... I even planted a bit of garden. We still have certain frost before May long no way am I getting excited and putting all my flowers in yet. Not a chance! But it felt good to have a sense of accomplishment that we started to get it in tip-top shape for the summer.

And now we wait for rain. The forest fire situation to the north of us was terrifying this past week, and it is tinder-dry here so we pray for common sense to outweigh farmer's needs for burning off grass and stubble, and for people in the area to use caution with ANY fire and even a careless cigarette butt. Until things green up, we are wary that any minute we could also be in the same boat as Fort McMurray.

And now, I am off to work on more card orders that have come in over the weekend, and some more yard work! Maybe... just maybe... time for another creative card challenge ;)


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